A collection as dreamy as it’s designer name was inspired by ocean and a foamy texture of breaking waves was one of the best shown during Fashion Culture. It wasn’t an easy fashion but certainly an effective one.

I was very impressed by amount of layers as well as shapes of clothing. Ruffles reminded me of waves and seaweed swaying in the water. The craftsmanship of garments was impeccable despite hearing a story about it’s last minute drama during James’ debut. Especially the last gown made me wonder how could it possibly stay up like that? Another thing worth mentioning was hand painted print of sea creature and waves on sheer panels. It was an interesting way to incorporate ocean themes without being too obvious. I like the fact that there wasn’t any blue or other sea colour in presentation. Instead James used sheer lightweight fabrics to translate water movement, thick neoprene-ish fabrics to create shapes of fantasy sea creatures and very pretty ornament like drawing.

My only complaint lies with number of garment, there was definitely not enough pieces. I would love to see more of his design and a dreamy interpretation of ocean.

I had pleasure to talk to this bubbly designer, when asked if he found it difficult to sell such couture pieces, he replied with carefree attitude. “it was never my intention to sell any of my garment. The collection was created out of my fascination by sea. But I do plan to collaborate with group of my friend designer for more commercial pieces.” It was very refreshing to see someone so excited about designing beautiful dressed instead of making clothes that would sell well.

Autor: Tina